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Bonus Play Through: The Casino Bonus Fine Print

The online gaming industry has undoubtedly taken off and the modern gamer is faced with many options. Given the plethora of choices, it is always wise to learn more about these site offers.

A wise choice for your best online site takes into consideration fundamentals. This means that you must like the range of games on offer, are adequately entertained by their graphics and animation, trust the site security and integrity, and receive proper customer support.

Once you have taken care of these basics, it is time look at the icing on the cake, the welcome bonus. A sign up bonus should never trump defects in the fundamentals. However, it may determine the choice between Casino A over Casino B, both of which exhibit the same solid foundation.

The first thing to learn is the match up percentage and the corresponding deposit requirement to avail of the full bonus. This varies from site to site, and may be as low as 25% to as high as 200%. To illustrate, a 50% match up means that the casino will give you a $50 bonus for a $100 deposit. This means that if the site offers a maximum welcome bonus of $300, you would then have to deposit $600 to fully avail of the offer.

Another fine print that you have to be fully aware of is the bonus play through or wagering requirement as this will determine when you can withdraw your bonus money. This refers to the total amount that you must have wagered or bet to be eligible to take out the bonus cash. This is normally expressed as a multiple of the combined player deposit and casino bonus.

Thus, if our site in our previous example cites a bonus play through requirement of 30x, the player would have to bet a total of $27,000. before he can withdraw his bonus. The total amount is derived from 30 x $900, where 30 is the wagering requirement and $900 is from the $600 deposit and the $300 bonus.

Also a consideration is the games that are included in computing the bonus play through. Note that bets in the more popular games, like Blackjack, may actually be excluded.

Finally, keep in mind that a lot of the casinos operate within a consortium and may not allow claiming a welcome bonus from more than one member of the group.

Keep this in mind and make the most of your sweet deal.