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The British Columbia Online Gambling Expansion is a Hit

British Columbia has always been viewed as one of Canada's more lenient provinces and this means that government-run gambling establishments here aren't as far-fetched as some people might think. In fact, in 2010, the province launched these venues and has experienced an overall positive turnout.

The Expansion

British Columbia online gambling has been around for quite some time, but people who wanted to participate were quite restricted in what they could do. For the most part, it was nothing more than the equivalent of being able to play a traditional lottery online; there were no real casino games like blackjack or slots and this left some people feeling as if they were left in the cold. They just could not understand why their country would allow them to purchase tickets online but not spin the reels or play 21, particularly when some casino games do require an element of skill whereas the lottery never will.

Recovery of Funds

The Canadian government is aware that some $100 million is spent by their residents on illegal offshore gambling operations each year. As proven by its counterpart across the border, the United States, even placing a ban on the practice is not enough to prevent it from occurring. BC claims that the main reason for the expansion and addition to the British Columbia online gambling scene is to recover some of those funds and keep them within the border rather than allowing them to flow into the pockets of illegal casino operators.

Of course, addiction has always been a concern and this is primarily why so many governments are reluctant to open up these facilities to their people. The Lottery Corporation in BC says that its website features self-exclusion that allows people to opt out of their accounts indefinitely if they so choose, but the public feels as if this may not be used by compulsive gamblers and thus may not be as effective as the government believes it to be.