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Roulette Guide For Beginners - Give The Game A Try!

This roulette guide for beginners will give you the basics on one of the most popular casino table games. Roulette is fast-paced, exciting, and attractive to amateur and professional gamblers alike. Give that it is based on random odds, strategy cannot really be employed to improve your chances or outcome of winning.

Set Up

The table includes a wheel with numbered slots (zero to 36, or double zero to 36), plus a table that depicts the different bets that you can place. A small white ball is released into the spinning wheel, and players wager on a number or group of numbers that they want the ball to land on when the wheel comes to a stop.


There are a few different versions of the game, and casinos offer a wide range of options. The most popular version is the European one, mainly because they offer the lowest house edge. The European variant includes 37 digits: one through 36, plus a single zero. American roulette is also common, and very similar, except that it contains 38 digits: one through 36, plus a single and a double zero. Other versions are French, Premium, Royale, Mini, and 3D roulette, which are unique to online gaming sites. This roulette guide for beginners recommends the European variation.

How To Play

To begin, you must place your bet. These wagers are put on the table in the spot that corresponds to the wager for the number or group of numerals on the wheel. There are a range of different options you can wager, with most versions of the game including five inside bets and five outside ones, although some offer more options in each category, or even stakes in separate categories, such as in the French game. The small white ball will be released into the wheel, and as it comes to a rest, the ball will land on one of the slots. Then players will be paid out accordingly.